Solomon Marcus 1925-2016

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Solomon Marcus (March 1st,1925 – March 17,2016) was one of our closest
colleagues and friends in semiotics. He attended the summer congresses
of the ISI in Imatra, Finland, since its foundation in 1988 until its end in 2013.
No one in our science had such broad, all-encompassing and profound views
on the essence of semiotics, mathematics, humanities in general. He was
also perhaps the most active commentator of others’ speeches, nothing
was alien to him. I remember his anniversary symposium in Bakau,
Northern Rumania, where we talked about transcendence and he said: it
appears to us only as metaphors. His last speech I heard was at our
Istanbul symposium on Semiotics of Cultural Heritages, a year ago. We
shall publish it. It is hard to believe that Solomon Marcus will no
longer appear in our meetings. Yet, his work and output will live on as an
unforgettable and noble part of our tradition.


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