Cultural Heritages: Introduction to European Music, Philosophy and Arts – farewell lectures by Prof. Eero Tarasti.

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Lectures deal with some of the most central and canonic issues of European culture, representatives and ideas which everyone  should know. The following topics will be dealt with among others:

1) Heritage of the Antiquity, Arabian philosophy, Iranian thinkers and poets;
2) The Mediterranean; Italy: The culture of opera; The discovery of Brazil;
3) France I: The age of Baroque, les salons des ‘précieuses’;
4) France II: Marcel Proust et La Belle Époque;
5) France III: Modernism, avant-garde, structuralism;
6) Germany I: Neohumanism, Goethe, Schiller, Kant, Hegel;
7) Germany II: Viennese-classicism: Mozart and Beethoven;
8) Germany III: Richard Wagner;
9) England: Arts education – John Ruskin;
10) Russia: Literature, music and painting; Solovyov; Formalism: Kandinsky;
11) Finland I: Autonomy: Pacius, Snellman;
12) Finland II: Sibelius, Gallen-Kallela; Mannerheim

Lectures take place on Tuesdays  at  5-7 pm at the University of Helsinki Language Centre (Kielikeskus), Music Hall, 3rd floor, Fabianinkatu 26.
Lectures start on 19 January, and close on 3 May, 2016.
Language: English.
Some lectures  may include music performances.
There can be changes  as to the order, contents and dates of sessions.
Free entrance.


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