15th Doctoral and Postdoctoral Seminar on Musical Semiotics at the University of Helsinki, Musicology

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see also: http://www.helsinki.fi/musiikkitiede/15thSeminar_on_MusicalSemiotics.html

2-5 March, 2015.

Director: Professor Eero Tarasti. Co-Directors: Professors Jean-Marie Jacono (Université d’Aix-Marseille), Dario Martinelli   (Kaunas Technological University)


Monday, March 2nd  — Topelia, Unioninkatu 38C, hall C120 (Musicology)

10-12.30 Session 1

  • Opening of the seminar:   Eero Tarasti
  • Jean-Marie Jacono: Musique, narrativité et société russe : les ballets de Tchaikovski
  • Juan Barrera: Forme et signification dans le répertoire d’orgue francais du Grand Siècle

12.30-14 Lunch

14-16.30 Session 2

  • Cleisson Melo: Composing gesture-topics: a semiotic approach to Villa-Lobos’ Dances
  • Aurea Dominguez: Manuel Garcia and the bassoon: Bel canto as a source of inspiration for instrumental music performance
  • Vassil Anastassov: Let me tell you how I feel – Let me sing it to you

17-19   Italian Concert — Language Centre, Music Hall, 3rd floor, Fabianinkatu 26

Luca Seccafieno (trumpet), Fabrizio Viti (piano) play Paolo Rosato et al

19-20  Welcoming reception at Topelia, Unioninkatu 38 hall C120

Tuesday, March 3rd  — Topelia, Unioninkatu 38 hall C120 Musicology

10-12.30 Session 3

  • Paolo Rosato & Fabrizio Viti: From Analysis to Performance: beyond over interpretation.Three examples from Chopin’s work: Prelude Op. 28 no. 21, Nocturne Op. 37 no. 1, Waltz Op. 64 no. 2.

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.30 Session 4

  • Ilona Sowinska-Fruhtrunk: Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht: Exploring Neo-Mythologism and Axiology of Space
  • Takemi Sosa: Narrative discourse: from chaos to clarity in Magnus Lindberg’s Cantigas

16-18   Sibelius Event  — Language Center Music Hall, Fabianinkatu 26, 3rd floor

  • Eero Tarasti:   Jean Sibelius 150 Years
  • Eila Tarasti, piano, Tero Halonen, tenor: Piano works and songs by Sibelius
  • Helsinki University Music Society Ensemble: Petrus Laitinmäki, 1st violin, 2nd violin (to be announced), Mikko Metsälampi, viola, Lauri Rantamoijanen, cello, Eero Tarasti, piano: Sibelius: Quintet for piano and strings (1890)

Wednesday, March 4th   — Topelia, Unioninkatu 38 hall C120 Musicology

10-12.30  Session 5

  • Dario Martinelli: Music and technologies: Dialogues and conflicts
  • Mikko Ojanen: ”Sound of music” or ”sound of medium”: the audio engineer’s signification process during the audio mastering
  • Sari Helkala-Koivisto: Musical signification – a bio-cultural core of the speech

12.30-14   Lunch

14-16 Session 6

  • Lorenzo Santoro: D’Annunzio, Hofmannsthal, Rolland: Music and Heroism in the European context
  • Joshua Hey: The Semiotics of Process In Contemporary Music
  • Marjo Suominen: Surfaces of Performativity and Intertextuality in Handel´s Opera Giulio Cesare in Egitto

Thursday, March 5th  — Topelia, Unioninkatu 38 hall C120 Musicology

10-12.30 Session 7

  • Lina Navickaite-Martinelli: Novel Discourses on the Art of Musical Performance: A Semiotic Approach
  • Monika Karwaszewska: Transavantgarde of Polish Music – An Attempt to Adapt the Phenomenon
  • Daniel Röhe: Music semiotics and meaning in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte
  • Grisell MacDonel: Traveling Subjectivities: Existential Semiotic Analysis of the Influence of Virtuoso Composer-performers Around the World in the case of Giovanni Bottesini

12.30-14 Lunch

14-16 Session 8

  • Panu Heimonen: Existential Semiotics and Performance
  • Julia Shpinitskaya: The Universe of Myth: Sacred Temporal Model in Music of Erik Bergman

16-17  Closure


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