Call for Papers: 2nd Seminar and Symposium of the Academy of Cultural Heritages

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2nd Seminar and Symposium of the Academy of Cultural Heritages to be held in the island of Syros, Ermoupolis, Cultural Centre (Ritsos Hall) and Apollo Theater, Greece (Cyclades) on 2-7, Oct.  2018


1st Oct, travelling day via Athens, Pireus by ferry boat (or flight Athens-Syros)
2nd -3rd Oct. Seminars on:
• Foundations of Existential Semiotics, prof. Eero Tarasti
• Basic Concepts of Semiotics and Culture, prof Alexandros Lagopoulos
• Greimassian Narrative Analysi,s prof. Karin Boklund-Lagopoulos
• Approaches to visual semiotic,s prof. Altti Kuusamo
• Literary Traditions from Ancient Greece to Our Time, prof. Hannu Riikonen
• Introduction to Musical Semiotic, prof. Eero Tarasti
3rd Oct, evening: concert at Apollo Theater: soprano Laura Pyrrö and Eila Tarasti (piano); ensemble of the Music Society of the University of Helsinki
4th Oct. Excursion to the island of Delos (close to Syros) or alternatively excursions on Syros island
5th – 6th Oct. Symposium on Cultural Transfers: Europe and Other World, (motto: ….heitere Verknüpfung von West und Ost” Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe)
7th Oct. return, travelling day

Participation fee for seminar and symposium: 200 euros (students 60 euros, Greek students free) to be paid to the Academy of Cultural Heritages:
FI40 1544 3000 0285 84 (BIC: NDEAFIHH)

Registration by September 1st, 2018 to Lazaros Papoutsis

Enrollment to the course: name, affiliation; to the symposium: name, affiliation, title of the speech, abstract (1/2 – 1 page); length of papers: half an hour with discussion; languages: English, French, German

Organization of the event: director prof. Eero Tarasti, University of Helsinki; assistants Paul Forsell and Lazaros Papoutsis (email see above)


Call for Papers: Sources of Creativity. From Local to Universal.

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An international symposium around Eero Tarasti’s work in the eve of his 70th birthday. Event organized by the Academy of Cultural Heritages and the Semiotic Society of Finland, in Mikkeli, Finland, 8-10 August 2018.

The symposium will be arranged at the place of genius loci of Eero Tarasti’s life, his second home and summer town Mikkeli. It is open for contributions on the fields of his scientific and artistic output and dealing with his ideas, theories and activities in the scholarly and cultural context. The convention will include excursions to important places of his life from his first job at the Municipality and army year at an old Russian garrison in the centre, to the summerhouse built by his grandfather Peter August Sahlsten in 1926, the site of writing of all his major works in various languages. Historic places in Mikkeli like the headquarters of Marshal Mannerheim in 1939­-1944, Concert Palace Mikaeli (site of the annual Gergiev summer festival), and others will be visited. The event will contain musical manifestations and a festival gourmet dinner at Tertti Manor.

Registration form for papers/abstracts/attendance including information on housing, enclosed (by 1st of July, 2018); please fill in the form and send it to us.

There is no participation fee; yet, we encourage anyone to contribute to this event in the form of a free donation to the bank account of the Academy of Cultural Heritages: F140 1544 3000 0285 84 (BIC: NDEAFIHH).  (PayPal is also available for those outside the European Union, please inquire at


The papers given at the symposium will be published as a special volume in the series Acta Semiotica Fennica. Languages: English, French, German, Italian.

Inquiries concerning the event at:

Organizing committee: Professors Pirjo Kukkonen, Pertti Ahonen, Kai Lassfolk (Helsinki University), Altti Kuusamo (Turku University), Anne Kauppala (Sibelius Academy), Juha Ojala (Oulu University), Rector Ilmo Pokkinen (Mikkeli); secretaries Paul Forsell and Aleksi Haukka.

A.. J. Greimasin muistomerkki paljastettu

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A. J. Greimasin muistomerkki paljastettiin Liettuassa, Kaunasissa,  K. Donelaicion katu 52,  18.12.2017. Valokuvan toimittanut Tri  Rimtautas Kasponis.

Die Eröffnung des Denkmals am 18. Dezember.

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